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Candle Altar Services

Psychic Development, Intuition, and Wisdom Candle Altar Service

These Candle Altar Services are all intended to help gently open and deepen the psychic and intuitive abilities, and increase wisdom and insight for the person or situation for which the ritual is performed. Each formula works in a slightly different way, so read carefully to see which one best suits your needs. 

A singular dressed altar candle will be prepared and loaded with the petitioner's concerns, and set working amidst traditional psychic opening and wisdom herbs. The exact oils used in each ritual will reflect the individual situation for each client. 

Clients who choose 3-Day or 7-Day services will utilize a fixed figural candle*, and have their candle set working amidst 3-6 dressed helper lights. How many helper lights are used, and what oils they are dressed in will vary depending on individual circumstances and needs.

Client also have the option to add a mojo onto their service! The wax remains of the ritual will be bundled into a mojo, and shipped to the client with complete instructions, for them to wear and work in an ongoing manner to support their petition.

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Psychic Opening:

This formula is intended to work on several levels to help increase your overall psychic sensitivity, and help deepen your intuitive development through any other practices you may be employing. Herbal ingredients help open psychic senses, instill a mental calm to help heighten concentration and focus, make you more aware of "hunches" and synchronicities, and facilitate clearer communication with spiritual allies.

King Solomon Wisdom:

Gaining information is one thing, but having the wisdom to use that knowledge in the most beneficial or strategic way to acquire your goals is another thing altogether. This formula aims at helping you put 2 and 2 together in bold, novel ways that help you get to your finish line more effectively and efficiently. Meditation and planning will go more smoothly and yield more useful results, and you'll be prone to more "ah-ha" moments and breakthroughts.

Sri Gayatri- Increase Divine Light, Psychic Development, Spiritual Insight

The Gayatri mantra is said to be one of the most important - invoking the Light of the Divine, and asking for blessings of illumination and enlightenment. Chanting the Gayatri mantra can have many positive effects, including help burning off minor karmas, cleansing one's energy bodies, increased physical vitality, deepening intuition and spiritual insight, increasing psychic aptitude, and improved meditation.

Monthly Burn Packages

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