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Reading Policies, Custom Item Commissions,

& Best Client Practices


Refunds for Readings/Consultations/Reiki:

As long as the reading/consultation/session has not been performed yet, you can request a refund.


Refunds for Candle Altar Services:

A 50% refund can be requested up until 24 hrs before the scheduled service.

There are no refunds on candle services 24 hours or less before the scheduled service, or after a service has been performed.


How do I book a reading/consultation?

To book a reading, simply click on the "BOOK" button underneath the service you have chosen, and complete the payment.


Once I have paid for my reading, what do I do next?

Once you have paid, please email me at from the email address that you wish to use for our correspondence with your PayPal transaction number, and provide me with the following information:

  • Your full name (and birthdate - optional)

  • The background details related to the situation you are wanting the reading on, that you wish for me to take into consideration when I do the divinations

  • At least the first names of any other parties directly involved in the situation you are having the reading on

  • If you would like for me to have a picture of the people involved (no nudity please), you may attach it to the email.

  • Your central query phrased in yes/no format. The readings provide much more than a yes/no answer, but I find asking the client to state their core concern in yes/no format helps them really focus in on the element that is most important to them.

Once I have your background info, I will email you back within 2 business days with when to expect your reading/consult results to be emailed to you.


What time is my reading scheduled for?

Unless otherwise specified, all readings and consultations are delivered via email to make it easy for me to accommodate the needs of clients from around the globe, in all different time zones. Once I have your background information emailed to me as outlined above, I will let you know when to expect your reading/consult results to be emailed to you. You will receive an email with the audio & pics attached on or before the date that was communicated to you.


Please note that I work and respond to inquiries Monday through Friday only.  



How long will it be until I get my reading results?

Generally readings and consultations are completed within 5 business days

Please note that I work and respond to inquiries Monday through Friday only.  



Will you send me all the things you suggest to me in a magical consultation, and/or teach me how to use/do them?

Magical consultations are just that - consultations. I provide insight and guidance via divination, and then provide an outline of what spiritual works and items may help you manifest your desired result. The consultation does NOT include any of the supplies needed, ritual items, or detailed mentoring on how to do the works suggested.  However, I do provide 1 follow-up email to each consultation so that you can get clarification on any points brought up to ensure you fully understand the advice.

I do provide fairly detailed explanations of what you'll need to to, and what items/products to use, but I assume my clients have at least a basic working knowledge of how to take spiritual baths, dress and burn candles, work with oils and incense, use a mojo bag or bottle spell, etc. 



If you do NOT have a basic working knowledge of folk magic methods, I can point you to some very informative and educational websites that go deep into detail about how to do those things so that you can learn for free. However, if you are wanting me to personally tutor you on how to do the suggested work in a consult, you will need to arrange for Magical Coaching.



Why do you limit follow-up correspondence for consultations to 1 exchange?

At one point I did not limit the amount of follow-up, and I ended up running into people taking advantage of my time, or becoming overly obsessive about the bits of advice they would receive. 

I understand that the clients that contact me will have varying degrees of experience with spellwork. Those who are newer to it may indeed need some additional clarification before undertaking the work. I do my very best to provide the clearest and detailed instructions that I can, but there are always elements that could be expanded upon or explained differently for individual clientele to ensure that they fully understand the process. So I am happy to provide 1 follow-up exchange to those who have booked a magical consultation with me, to help make sure that they understand and are comfortable with the procedures.

Should a client feel more comfortable with ongoing support during their working, they can purchase Magical Coaching for more intensive personal attention and guidance.


What types of work will you absolutely NOT consult or work on?

* Medical Diagnosis or Prognosis (including Pregnancy/IVF/Fertility issues)
* Court Case
* Gambling Luck, Lotto Numbers
* Crossing, Jinxing, Cursing
* Break-Up, Divorce
* Revenge
* Coercive Action of any nature
* Magical Warfare







Please spend time thinking through the information you wish to provide me for your reading/consultation.
Try to be concise and to the point, but do provide the details vital to your case.


If you are asked to phrase your question in yes/no format, please do so.
You are being asked to do this for a very specific reason that is there to aid not only me, but you as well, by helping you really determine what is the most important element in your case.



Please do not request readings on the same topic in a very short period of time.
I recommend waiting at least 4-6 weeks between readings. Unless something very significant has changed within the circumstance, reading again and again on the same matter will not change the outcome of the readings. In fact, often the oracles just refuse to answer overly repetitive queries by starting to provide nonsense answers to dissuade further inquiry. Trust the insight and advice the reading presents to you, and let things continue to unfold, &/or stay busy with the work that was suggested to you.



If you have been given work to do in your consultation, please do the work before asking for another reading.

If you have not put in the time and effort to actually work towards your goals, you cannot expect things to have changed much. If you've been asked to burn candles or take some baths in order to change the energies involved, and you do not do so, there's really no point in getting another reading. Please do your homework before coming to the next class!



Please do not request readings or services that fall into one of the categories that I will not work on.

I have clearly stated in multiple places throughout my website what types of cases I will absolutely NOT work or consult on. I realize that your case is very important to you and that you feel you are dealing with extenuating circumstances that make your case very unique. However, there are very explicit reasons why I have decided that I will NOT take certain kinds of work, or read on certain matters. I will not bend or break my own rules, and asking me to do so is disrespectful. 



Please do not go "reader shopping" by having multiple readers look at the same exact question.

If you are still new to consulting readers and are trying to figure out which reader you wish to work with, simply have short readings on different matters performed by the readers you are most interested in using. Most readers offer very affordable, short yes/no-type readings which you can use to get a feel for how a reader works and what their general demeanor and energy is like, so you can decide if they are someone you want to work with in an ongoing manner. 

But consulting with many readers on the same pressing matter is always a recipe for disaster for many reasons.


For one thing, it shows an inherent lack of faith in your readers and also in your own abilities to change a situation. It's one thing to have a second opinion from another trusted reader if you initially feel the first reading was off for some reason , or the first reading showed something very unexpected that you feel unsure about. (For example a very classic scam set-up is for a "reader" to tell a client they have a curse, or dark energy around them that will hold them back from their goals, and then try to sell ever-increasinly expensive services to remove that curse.) However, as soon as you start employing 3+ readers, you are setting yourself up for a lot of confusion and disappointment.

"Reader shopping" also demonstrates a desire to hear what one wants to hear, no matter the cost - and this sort of willful denial of the truth does not bode well for any spiritual or magical work that you may do since you already feel that you have all the answers. If you are unable to hear the truth of things, then you will not be able to do what is necessary to actually resolve your circumstances. 

And unless you are being very careful and only "reader shopping" with ethical workers, it puts you at a higher risk of running into a scam artist who will happily tell you exactly what you want to hear, while emptying your wallet!



Bullying and aggressive behavior is prohibited.

If you are unsure about a piece of information that has been presented in a reading, please feel free to ask for clarification so that you can understand fully. If the cards are communicating a message that you are finding difficult to accept, please take whatever time you need to process that information after your reading.


Demanding that a reader interpret the cards or messages a different way that is more suitable to your liking, or demanding that additional cards be thrown so that you can (hopefully) get to a card that says what you're wanting the reading to say is unacceptable.


Raising your voice to a reader, including using foul language directed at the reader (verbal assault), and/or aggressive and offensive (racist, sexist, homo/transphobic, xenophobic, etc) speech, is also unacceptable under any circumstances.  Clients who engage in these types of behavior will be banned from receiving any further services.


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