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Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much for this in depth and insightful consultation during this difficult time. You speak so clearly and I understand everything you said.
Thank you so much for your caring guidance. I would recommend this to anyone needing some answers to difficult circumstances." - J.L.

"I am beyond happy with this [custom rootwork package]. First, the communication with D. is always fantastic. There is never any wondering what is going on with my order. Second, this trio of items is so visually beautiful that I just sit and stare at them. And lastly, I feel such strong, positive energy when I hold the jar and mojo bag that I have no doubt they are going to help me. Thank you, D, for your work." R.O.

"Very in-depth and personal reading completed with a timely manner! Very compassionate reader, gives WONDERFUL advice. D really knows her stuff. I was blown away by the reading she gave me. I will definitely go to her again!" - S.C.

"I am so grateful to have found such a kind, compassionate, passionate, and gifted reader. D always gives me the clarity on any situation I'm seeking the answers to. Your guidance and help has been invaluable to me." A.W.

"Thank you for the consultation! It is a relief actually, I have proven to myself that I can make great money so I have consciously divorced my mind of the wish for my trust funds... Turns out I am capable on my own in my job. Thank you for your reading D, all the words rang true even though it had to be tough love, glad I found you." - C.V.

"D, that was the most clear and comprehensive email reading I've ever had!
I already turned a friend onto your page." - D.P.

"Thanks to your advice D, my current boss and her lady friend adore me now! They are still close, but the supervisor sees other people and their good work now too. We are having some restructuring on our floor so there may be some changes coming my way in terms of promotion too!" -E.

"Thank you D! I'm very happy with your reading. I feel more secure to go ahead with [pursuing] my love! THANK YOU!" - B.

"This has to be the best mojo bag, I have bought. There was a lot of thought, effort, work, strong energy, blessings for good things in my life, love and light. I believe this mojo bag will be beneficial. Especially, since blessing with my energy on a Full Moon. I recommend investing in one of these mojos." -M.

"D this oil is absolutely amazing-I love love love love love it. I have him eating right out of my hand. Thanks - I couldn't have done it without you!" -S.G.

"Extremely accurate and to the point reader. Does not sugar coat things you need to hear and gives great spiritual, as well as practical advice. My mind is blown away!" V.

"I was blown away by my reading from D. It was detailed she knew things that I obviously didn't tell her. It was right on. I still can't get over it. Will definitely consult with her again." A.

"A lovely mojo hand, packaged well and with a wonderful smelling oil. D was very consistent in keeping me up to date with my order as well as what to expect from the whole process of working with a root worker. A pleasurable experience all in all." - C.R. 

"A very great reading and break down of things! It gives me more to consider on my decisions and outcomes. And it fits perfectly in the situation to make sense of and clarify the hold backs on what I am doing! Thank you!" (anon)

"After the reading I could already see the changes manifesting before me when I focused upon the problem. Great insights where given en feelings of confidence restored. Thanks D!" (anon)

"Beautiful reading, LOVED IT! Recommend it to anyone, D is extremely talented and will give you the insight you are looking some!" (anon)

"This Mirror Box kit has saved me the task of trying to find a mirror without looking at it, breaking it, and gluing the mirror a inside the box - all of course with that one task, you can not look into the mirror. This is a time saver, and it kills the frustration. It's well made, with a reminder card, "try not to look into the mirror". If you think you have those that send you harm, this box is a must. There's nothing like knowing that all they send to you, goes right back to them and the plus is...the box is set up for use when it arrives. It's a must have item." (anon)

"D was very communicative, and the reading itself was informative and insightful. Each card had a small paragraph dedicated to describing its role and she discussed how they interacted over the whole spread. I appreciate that she did not seem to sugar-coat her interpretations. I would gladly get another reading from her in the future." (anon)

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