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Tarot Readings with D. Spring

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Tarot readings are the cornerstone of most spiritual practitioners' practice, as they are performed as a spiritual counselling service for clients seeking answers to questions that have been weighing on them, and also performed prior to taking on any work on behalf of a client to help determine what works will be most effective. Each reader has their own individual style and spiritual gifts that play into what a client can expect from a sitting.  

Readings with D. Spring are friendly and grounding, with a modest number of cards being thrown - usually in runs of 3 - to address the primary trends and influences surrounding each question. The general associations of the card are communicated to the client, followed immediately by an interpretation of that card in the context of the present question, and placement in the reading. Each card builds on the last one, providing a progressive view of how the energies are interacting, and how they are most likely going to resolve if things stay on the same path.

D. is most gifted at using the cards to identify the larger energetic sphere of influence at work within a particular situation, and providing spirit-led and intuitive advice based on the Big Picture presented by the oracle.  If you have booked for a Magical Consultation, your tarot reading will include remediation advice on what spiritual works could be performed to aid in manifesting the desired outcome based on what information and messages the tarot cards presented.

To browse the various reading options available, please visit our Tarot Reading page:

For information on what to expect when you book for an email or telephone reading with D., along with the policies and best-practice procedures for getting the most out of your reading, please visit the Reading Policy page.

While readings can be extremely helpful in gaining insight into complicated and/or emotionally charged situations, and can provide clarity on how specific choices and actions will play out to aid clients in making challenging decisions, there are some things that readings with D. are NOT intended to do. While it should be common sense, it must be reiterated that tarot readings are never a replacement for:

  • Professional psychological counselling 

  • Psychiatric assessment and care

  • Medical assessment and treatment

  • Legal counsel from a lawyer

  • Financial advice from an accountant or planner

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