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Candle Altar Services

I'm happy to perform candle work for a variety of your spiritual & mundane goals. I build my services around spiritual allies that I have a long-established working relationship with, so petitions are received in the most positive light possible.


There are service options to suit various situations & budgets, so you can have the spiritual support that you desire!

I offer candle service burns of 1, 3, and 7 day durations. Not sure how many days you should order a service for? Scroll down past the services for more info on what you can expect from the different service lengths.


Monthly Burn Packages are available providing your chosen service once per month, at a discount, for as long as you subscribe!


All of our Candle Altar Services include pictures of the service, and a candle burn report emailed to you at the conclusion. 

What Duration Candle Service Is Right For Me?

1 Day Service

1-Day candle altar services are a great way to get some extra back-up and energy flowing towards work you are performing on your own, or as a way to kick-off a new working with a nice push of spiritual pressure.


They can also be used to get a general feel for how a particular working is going to go, by providing an outlook via the information gathered through the candle burn report. For example, a candle that burns well, can indicate that there is no unexpected resistance to a work, whereas a candle that burns badly can show that other forms of work may be required to be undertaken first before working this particular angle can be successful.

3 Day Services

3-Day candle altar services can be an excellent form of support for your working.


It provides a trinity of days of prayer on your petition, and can be an effective way to work straight-forward, uncomplicated cases. When performed concurrently with complimentary actions, such as baths, floorwashes, mantras, etc, the 3-Day service can often begin to manifest the desired results of the petitioner.

7 Day Services

7-Day candle services are a powerful way of working, as the petitioner taps into the metaphysical force of the mystical number 7, sacred in nearly every spiritual tradition.


A full week of prayer and supplication for your petition is a cornerstone ritual act, that can result in meaningful transformations and manifestation.

Monthly Subscription Packages

Want ongoing support for longer-term issues, or just like knowing you'll have spiritual back-up for whatever situations may arise each month? Save big on 3 or 7 Day Candle Services when you commit to a 6 or 12 month subscription! 


You may choose to have the service performed for the same petition each month, or you may submit a new petition with each monthly payment. As an additional perk, any other candle services you order while you have an active subscription will be offered at the same discounted rate as your package!

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