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Is your work guaranteed to be successful? Do I get a refund if it isn't?

No spiritual work can be guaranteed to be successful, and there are many factors that play into that. 

For one, it is ultimately up to the Divine - if you are truly not meant to have something, or something is just not meant to come to pass, then nothing anyone can do will bring that about. Sometimes the work relies on a client taking certain ritual actions at home, or action in the real world to help the cause; if a client does not keep their end of the bargain and do their work, then it can be no fault of the worker if the desired results do not manifest. At other times there may be factors in play that were not forseen, or that begin to take place during the work that change the playing field and may require alterations from the original work in order to still gain the result. Also, despite what Hollywood would have you believe, magic can only work by manipulating statistical probabilities that are already in existence. It cannot create something from nothing. 

However, doing a reading on the situation and consulting with a client in detail before taking a case goes a long way to helping a worker determine the appropriate and likely most effective way to approach a case - or provides them with the information that it is a case that is best not taken to begin with.

There are no refunds in spiritual work due to the fact that regardless of the outcome, someone has purchased supplies, and put hours of time and energy into working on your behalf. There are also so many factors that can effect the outcome of a work that offering refunds is just not a viable option.

If a worker 100% guarantees you results, &/or is not interested in hearing the detailed background of your case, &/or does not require you to provide personal links for work done on your behalf - these are HUGE RED FLAGS OF A SCAM ARTIST! I am honest with my clients about their projected outcomes as indicated by my divinations, and I will not take cases that I do not believe I can be helpful in. But no ethical worker will guarantee results. Period. 

You are invited and encouraged to read through the testimonials of others who I have worked for so you can be assured that others have been satisfied with my services, which are located on the various pages describing my various services throughout this site.


By law it is required to state that spiritual services are undertaken for entertainment purposes only, and that any candles or other items purchased are offered as curios only. I make no supernatural claims about myself or any of my services and products.


If the work is not successful, then what do you suggest I do next?

That will depend on why the work failed. This may be very obvious - if instructions were not properly followed - or may require another reading on the situation to look into what circumstances may have changed or cropped up during the work. 

As stated previously, there are no refunds offered for spiritual services, and any further work agreed to will be compensated by the client.


What method of divination do you use?

I primarily use the tarot, and for some more complex situations I will use geomancy, the Chain of St. Michael, and pendulum divination as tools through which my spirit guides and my own intuition can also work. 

I also rely on my inherited "clairs" to give me a deeper perspective on a situation or work. This manifests as a strong sense of knowing, a gut feeling, and hearing advice from my spirit guides as I learn about a case either though email, phone/video, or in person. 

When visited in person, I can also read a client's energy patterns by scanning through their aura and chakras with my hands. This can tell me what areas of a client's life have been most affected by a situation, and can help me suggest an appropriate course of action that may also address issues of personal healing and integration of life experiences.



Do I have to live local to you to have a tarot reading, or use your folk magic services?

No! All my services are available to anyone, anywhere. Readings can easily be done remotely and accurately via email or phone/video, products can be shipped to you directly, and work can effectively be done on your behalf distantly.



Are you practicing conjure, brujeria, folk magic, Hinduism, or what? I'm confused.

I can understand the confusion, and I certainly don't want anyone to feel that I have misrepresented anything that I offer so I am happy to try and clarify.


Folk magic is a culturally universal term that can roughly be defined as "the practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to control natural or chance events or to influence the behavior or emotions of others". Every culture has some localized expression of these practices that draw on the myths, stories, religions, socio-political landscapes, flora and fauna, healing wisdom, and common physical items from the area of origin. Everything that I offer in the ways of products and services can be accurately classified as folk magic.


That being said, the types of folk magic that I practice come from several specific areas of the world, which have their own terminology, specific bodies of herbal and curio usage and lore, and ties to unique religio-spiritual expressions. It would be disingenuous of me not to acknowledge the very strong influence that they have on my methods, and it would disrespectful to all those traditional elders who have shared their wisdom with me (and all those that came before) to not call by name what paradigms I am working with.

The foundation of my training originates in the Black/African American folk magic tradition commonly referred to as conjure, or hoodoo/rootwork in some regions. I first encountered it when seeking out the traditions of my ancestors in NOLA and Mexico. Access to information on Mexican folkways is thankfully increasing rapidly for those like myself who were separated from direct cultural touchstones, but in the late 90s-early00s there was precious little written in English, and the sources were usually second-hand. I have made a concerted effort over the years to shift the materia I use in my practice to ones either local to where I live, or used in the regions I have ancestral connections. As a result, the services I offer are heavily based in the materia magica of Southern U.S. & borderland folk magic. 

My practice also contains a great deal of folk religion/magic from the Indian traditions, as my personal devotional practice is primarily based in the Indian spiritual paths. I was introduced to Hinduism during my Religious Studies degree program, which I quickly pivoted to focus on Eastern traditions. Once I visited a temple, there was no turning back! 15 years of rejoicing in temples culminated in my initiation in the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math lineage of Vaisnava Hinduism. Being an avid student of folk expressions of magic & religion, throughout the years I naturally sought out the wisdom, ways, and remedies of my devotional faith and incorporated them into my life, and magical practice.


In the mutable landscape of my mind, the streams intermingled and harmonized.

While Southern folk magic mingling with Indian spiritual elements may seem strange, there is an interesting and complicated history of some Eastern deities being utilized in hoodoo/rootwork. Beginning in the late 1800's and early 1900's there was an influx of Indian teachers in the US, and certain elements gained traction in primarily urban folk magic communities. You can read more about that in the article "The Hindu in Hoodoo..." by Philip Deslippe.

Folk magic is a universal practice - but the names, herbs, and other materials change depending on the locations from which they stem. Living in the West, the materia magica of North American folk magic is more readily accessible to me. Globalism and internet-based commerce is making it easier to obtain items from far away, but costs can often be prohibitive, and folk magic is always a practice of practicality and using what is on hand. So it was natural that where an Indian ritual called for a ghee lamp, I would reach for a candle or a vegetable oil lamp; and conversely - instead of praying a Bible verse, I might chant a Sanskrit mantra to one of the Indian deities I had a close relationship with.  The techniques of the two cultures blended well for me personally, and with the explosion of the yoga-culture in the West, more and more of my clients were developing relationships with Indian deities and asking for ways to connect with them for spiritual remediation of their troubles. I was able to oblige, and hopefully steer people towards practices that remained deeply respectful of, and energetically resonant with their root cultures. 


I try to honor all the traditions I draw from, but as I have multiple cultural influences I utilize in ways that sorta vary from the strictly orthodox, I often just refer to what I am doing as "folk magic".  This is not an attempt to obfuscate the details of what I am doing, or where it originates from, as much as it is a nod to the fact that my practice is eclectic, does not fit neatly into any one specific box, and I do not wish to be perceived as presenting personal practice as traditional and/or further contributing to the dilution and erasure of indigenous knowledge.


What is the difference between a tarot reading and a magical consultation, since they both involve you reading the cards?

A tarot reading is simply a reading done to offering insight to the client on whatever situation or question that they posed. It can help the querant gain a new perspective on their circumstances, inform them of the energies and influences that are involved with their area of concern, and ease their mind by helping to shed light on aspects of the situation that may have been fuzzy previously. 

A magical consultation is a reading that is done on a particular circumstance, for the purposes of seeking advice on what spellwork would best be used to aid in the manifestation of a specific goal, or what magical remedy would create the desired change to the situation. A consultation will not only involve a tarot reading, but can also include the use of other oracles (such as geomancy), as well as provides detailed advice on spellwork that could be performed - either by the client themselves, or by the practitioner on behalf of the client if applicable - to begin directly effecting the situation at hand.


Why do you limit follow-up correspondence for consultations to 1 exchange?

At one point I did not limit the amount of follow-up, and I ended up running into many people taking advantage of my time, or becoming overly obsessive about the bits of advice they would receive. 

I understand that the clients that contact me will have varying degrees of experience with spellwork. Those who are newer to it may indeed need some additional clarification before undertaking the work. I do my very best to provide the most clear and detailed instructions that I can, but there are always elements that could be expanded upon or explained differently for individual clientel to ensure that they fully understand the process. So I am happy to provide 1 follow-up exchange to those who have booked a magical consultation with me, to help make sure that they understand and are comfortable with the procedures.

Should a client feel more comfortable with ongoing support during their working, they may ask to arrange for Magical Coaching for more intensive personal attention and guidance.


Is there any type of work that you are particularly gifted for?

I consider my strongest area to be Self-Esteem and Personal Empowerment work. I also really enjoy Healing and Blessing work, Money & Prosperity work, and helping with general Road Opening.

I've worked as a professional energetic healer since 2000 and those skills transfer nicely into magical work for Healing and Blessing. Along with spell work, I can also offer distance Reiki healings to those who wish me to work on their behalf in that capacity. The angels, saints, and other spiritual allies that work with me are also very willing to provide aid in these cases.

As far as Prosperity and Money work goes, I have nearly always seen some kind of positive result when all the proper steps were followed. Most of the work I did when I first began practicing was related to Prosperity and Money-drawing and so I honed my skills in that area first.

Self-Esteem and Personal Empowerment issues are ones that are close to my heart, and I very much enjoy being able to share my knowledge in those areas, and watching clients blossom! Matters of general Cleansing and Road Opening are also areas that I am passionate about and happily aid people with. I make these topics central whenever I teach my Reiki or magical coaching students.


What types of work will you absolutely NOT consult or work on?

* Medical Diagnosis or Prognosis

* Pregnancy, IVF, and issues related thereto

(I will refer you to a worker who specializes in pregnancy, fertility, women's health issues.)

* Court Case
* Gambling Luck, Lotto Numbers

* Crossing, Jinxing, Cursing
* 3rd Party Break-Up or Divorce
* Revenge
* Coercive Action of any nature
* Magical Warfare


Why do you offer Reiki, but won't read on medical issues?

I offer Reiki as a support to pre-identified issues that clients may be dealing with. Reiki acts as a wonderful complementary healing modality, and has been shown in many studies to lower stress within the body, which allows the body to better heal what is ailing it. It can also lessen pain, and provide more rejuvenating rest to aid recuperation. Most practitioners and regular recipients of Reiki also strongly feel it encourages and deepens one's overall spiritual development.

However, since I am not a licensed medical professional, it is illegal for me to make any kind of diagnosis or offer any prognosis declarations about medical issues. Therefore I cannot read on questions such as causes of diseases, how a disease will respond to a proposed treatment, if a diagnosis is correct, etc. These are questions that only those with formal medical training - whether that be naturopathic, traditional schools of medicine such as Ayurveda or TCM, medical herbalists, or allopathic doctors or nurse practitioners - can properly address.


Will you perform a spell for me?

That depends on what you're calling a "spell". 


I specialize in candle magic, and offer a variety of light setting, and candle altar services from 1-7 days in length. These get a good flow of positive energy moving in the direction the client wishes, and get a clear petition out to one's spiritual allies. Clients can then build on that with their own continued efforts  These definitely classify as "spells", and you are welcome to book for one that meets your needs.

If you are talking about taking on ongoing complex ritual work, then the answer is NO. Things like working a box or bottle or poppet to influence a target over weeks or months,  going to magical war with a rival - basically cases where the practitioner is essentially doing the greater portion of the work required on behalf of the client - are not the types of works that I offer. It's too energy-intensive to be sustainable for me, and frankly I don't even really enjoy performing those types of works.

I feel my gift is helping to empower clients by supporting their own proactive efforts to create change in their lives through spiritual work, and mundane follow-through. I enjoy teaching clients how to work spiritually for themselves, while providing experienced back up burning candles on my altars.

So, yes, I will perform some forms of spell work on behalf of clients - but primarily through providing short-term candle work to help kick-start and support their own ritual work at home!


My case was a positive one (or a justified one), why would you not accept it?

There are many reasons why I may not agree to work for a particular case.

If I do not feel that a client will be unable to obtain the goal they desire, I will not work for that goal. I will always do my best to steer a client towards the path that will be most healthy and beneficial for them, however some clients are stubborn and wish to pursue the goal, no matter how hopeless or desperate the cause. I only wish to spend my energy on situations where my work can truly benefit the client in some positive way. 

Just because work is justified does not mean that I will take the case. I state up front that I do not do any "hard" work, even if it is justified. You will be better served by another worker who will do such work for you, and I will happily refer to one.

If a case simply falls outside of my area of expertise I will not take the case and will refer you on to someone that can better aid you. For instance, I do not take Court Case work, an I do not engage in situations where there is battle magic being employed - however, I can refer you to workers that do specialize in that work.

In some instances, cases will fall into a catagory that I do work in, such as career success, but a client may be asking to cross the line into elements of coersion. Again, if I feel uncomfortable with a case, I simply will not take it. I will be happy to refer to you a worker that may do such work.


Why won't you take break-up, crossing, revenge, or other such cases?

I am happy to work for the betterment and upliftment of people to help them progress along their own path in a more complete, content, and satisfied way. I do not believe that wanting more money, or a new love, or other mundane matters is counter-spiritual in most cases - and I am happy to aid people in attaining those material things that they may be desiring. 

However, I will not do any client work that I feel willfully visits negativity upon someone. The closest I will come to that is Reversal and Justice work - but I will not go over into revenge. My personal spiritual ethic holds me accountable for any and all actions that I take, even on the behalf of others. While I do work with both hands and enthusiastically advocate for the justified use of baneful magics for restorative (and sometimes punative) justice, I am not willing to perform such works for-hire.


I think I am being attacked by a powerful witch! Will you help me fight back?

I am generally willing to read on a situation to determine if malicious work has, in fact, been done against you. In many cases, there may be a completely mundane reason behind your current negative state, and we can address that and help you get back on the path to good fortune. In other case, there may have been some crossing work done against you by an enemy, but it was a one-off type situation (a jealous person worked against you, and then left it), and we can look into cleaning you up, and remedying what was done to turn things around to the positive. 

However, there are sometimes cases where an attack is being perpetrated in an ongoing and systematic fashion. I do not involve myself in ongoing magical wars, or place myself in the middle of situations where one is likely to break out. I do not engage in battle magic - I prefer to stay completely out of such circumstances, and not entangle myself in such affairs even peripherally.

If this happens to be the circumstance you are in, I can refer you to a practitioner who is skilled in that kind of hard work, and whom you may contact about consulting on your case.


Will you start on my work immediately?

I like to utilize planetary timing in my work whenever possible, so I will start on your work at the first available date that best facilitates your needs, and has an opening in the schedule. 

Most services take place on either Wednesday or Sundays, as they are good for opening paths and overall success respectively. Some protection work may be done on Tuesdays or Saturdays, some works for gain & growth on Thursdays, and some attraction/love work on the Fridays. 


How long until I see results?

There's really no way to answer this question, as the factors that play into it are as infinite and varied as the people and situations out there. However, a broad rule of thumb is that if a work is going to be successful you will likely see some signs & synchronicities within about a week, with meaningful movement beginning within about 3 weeks.


Are your oils, incenses, etc eco-friendly &/or non-toxic?

I almost exclusively use the Beaux Magique condition products that are made by a trusted practitioner who I personally know prayerfully handcrafts their products with pure ingredients, and utilizing real botanicals and natural carrier oils. I highly recommend the Beaux Magique line, as they pack a real spiritual punch like nothing else I've come across!

All of these oils are non-toxic and safe-to-touch, but they make no claims about their products being hypoallergenic, so if you do have allergies please use with caution and always patch test yourself before using. 

The herbs that I use for incenses, baths, candle dressings, etc are organic whenever possible. I would say that about 85% of all my herbs are organically grown and harvested. The other 15% of the herbs that are not organic, I do my very best to acquire them from sources that are also known for their high standards.


How do you determine your rates?

I first consider covering my cost for the supplies, and factor in how much of my own time and energy will be needed to complete a work. 

That work can include email &/or phone consultations and follow-ups, fixing candles, feeding and moving candles over a period of days,  etc.

I also take into consideration how much other practitioner peers are charging for similar services, and determine a comparable rate.



Is your work guaranteed?
If the work is not successful...
What divination tools?
Do I have to live near you?
Reading vs Consultation
Follow-up limitation
What are you gifted for?
What will you NOT work on?
Why no reading on medical issues?
Will you do spells for me?
Why won't you accept my case?
Why don't you do "hard" work?
Magical warfare
When will you start?
How long until results?
Oil/product quality
How rates are set
Hoodoo? Hinduism? What?

Frequently Asked Questions

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