Durga slays the demons of Too Much and Too Little, which are at the core of much of our dissatisfaction and unhappiness. This working will help you petition her aid in fighting your own inner demons of Too Much and Too Little, and help you feel more content with yourself and your life!

You will need:

Durga picture - you can print one from the internet

Durga yantra - you can also print this out

Red jumbo candle


Incense (Durga incense, or sandalwood, or a sandal rose)

Prayer beads - 108 beads total

Red flannel square

Durga oil, &/or John the Conqueror Oil or Commanding Oil

Courage & Positivity Herbs:

Rose - healing, self-love

Yarrow - courage

Mint - banish negative thoughts

Bay - success, protection

Solomon Seal - wisdom


Tigers Eye - lends protection...

Many magical practitioners find that chanting can help them center and focus before and during meditation or ritual, but did you know that it can be used to achieve magical goals as well? The magical power of words is recognized in spiritual traditions the world over, and mantras are among the most famous and ancient magical word formulas. Mantras are a form of magical prayer-chant that originates in the Hindu tradition. They were designed specifically to have dramatic transformative effects on those that recited them. When said aloud, each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet (which the mantras were originally composed in) creates energetic vibrations that, when combined into spiritually potent phrases can help the chanter attain their goals and des...

Lately I have been getting asked or running into questions being asked about incorporating the Hindu deities into conjure. Because I have worked with them for the better part of 20 years now, I do have a set method of working that has been extremely successful for me, and which I’m happy to share. It is a way of working that respects the cultural tradition from which they spring, and acknowledges their roles as full-fledged powerful and compassionate deities, and not just spirits that we can treat as totems for quick money or the like.

I had previously written an article about using mantras with spellwork, which introduces the topic of petitioning Hindu deities for magical goals in a very basic sense. People have been requesting more detailed inf...

Van Van is one of the most popular hoodoo condition formulas out there. It has a long history of use in rootwork, but is especially associated with the New Orleans and Algiers areas of Louisiana where it first appeared.

This nearly all-purpose formula effectively provides spiritual cleansing and jinx-breaking, road-opening to new fortune and opportunity, protection against negativity, attracts money and business prosperity, brings good luck, as well as draws love all in one! It's also often used to powerfully feed mojo bags, and used to empower amulets, talismans, or other magical tools to keep them working strongly for their owner.

The oil can be used to dress candles, or can be worn as a personal power scent for any of the above uses. It c...

Many times in conjure and rootwork, and sometimes within other witchy contexts you will hear about setting lights, or candle altar services. If you're unfamiliar with the rootwork and folk magic culture these may seem like beautiful and intriguing concepts - so just what does "setting lights" mean?

Setting lights is a lovely service that many magical practitioners offer to the community. Sometimes setting lights is referred to as a candle altar service. Generally speaking, a client will tell a practitioner about their current situation, and the practitioner will decide what color candle and what herbs and oils would be best used to dress that candle in order to have the desired effect on the client's situation.

What the client is getting is...

Mojo bags are a potent form of folk magic that can be carried on your person in a pocket, bra, purse, briefcase, or anywhere else... bringing the magic with you everywhere you go! They are discreet and extremely effective, which is why they have become such a fabled staple of North American folk practices, and do have parallels in other traditions around the world (think of the medicine bag of the Native peoples, and the charm bag of European traditions).

Mojo bags are usually made of cotton flannel, and then fixed with herbs, roots, and curios which compliment the type of effect that one is trying to manifest. Using time honored methods and prayers, the conjure practitioner then joins the energies of each of the mojo bag ingredients into a pow...

Smudging, also known as fumigating, is a very simple and powerful way to help keep the energies of an area clean &/or charged with a particular spiritual effect or magical intent. In today's article I will focus on smudging for spiritual cleansing purposes, give you some ideas of herbs and resins you can use to great effect, as well as provide some dos and don'ts of proper smudging.

Most people who are active in the spiritual community are familiar with using sage smoke as a form of spiritual cleansing and sanctification. Smudge bundles with sage, and sometimes accompanied by cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender are extremely popular and commonly used in a variety of spiritual and religious contexts- although the specific usage of sage, cedar, and s...

I’m sure we’ve all experienced times in our lives when we just felt like nothing was going our way, and that bad luck was an ever-present companion. This is what can be referred to in conjure as being crossed up –and it can be a somewhat random occurrence from time to time, or it can be caused by negative energy that someone has deliberately sent our way. Whatever the case, there are fairly simple measure that one can take that will help clear away these kinds of energetic messes and get us back on the right track. And it all starts with cleansing!

Spiritual cleansing helps to clear away negative energy that has come into our lives, our homes, and our bodies, and thereby releases us from the residual effects, clearing our energy, and allowing u...

During my regular work with the Archangels, I was guided to begin seeking the aid and intercesson of another order of divine beings, the Saints. Today I would like to introduce Saint Dymphna, the Patron Saint of Nervous and Mental Disorders (as well as of Incest Survivors and Runaways), along with ideas for calling upon her aid and intercession for those who may be in need of healing on the mental/emotional levels. In my healing practice and in my personal life as well, I’ve had a great deal of experience addressing concerns related to mental wellness – and it is a subject that is very close to my heart, and on which I’ve done a great deal of study and research in holistic approaches to care, and having a spiritual patron to call upon for healin...

Sweetening spells are among the most gentle of love spells, and also very effective at gaining favor with a specific individual. If you've read my other articles here, you know I feel that love should only need a little push - if it needs any more than that, then you're likely better off drawing a partner that will complement you, and who you will complement in turn. But giving a love spell the good ol' college try on that special someone you've had your eye on is certainly encouraged.

Honey jars and other sugary container spells work by surrounding the target with an energy which encourages that person to think sweetly about you - gently bringing them around to favoring your attentions. Packing the honey jar with herbs which apply directly to...

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