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Protection Candle Altar Services

Available Services


Provide a safety barrier between yourself and whatever (or whoever) is causing you to feel unsafe, or is otherwise being troublesome. This provides a buffer zone that allows you breathing and thinking room, without being constantly adversely affected by the incoming negativity, or by passive negativity that can be picked up just by moving through the world.

Fiery Wall of Protection:

This formula is similar to the Protection above, but adds in a little offensive kick to the assailant. Not just a barrier, this protective force is crafted from fire and will burn anyone who tries to break through! Perfect for use when there is an identified enemy or risk.

St. Michael the Archangel is commonly petitioned when using Fiery Wall.

Boss Fix:

This formula is crafted to get a manager, superior, administrator, or other authority figure that you work under or report to to favor you. This version of the formula includes ingredients to help stop any abuse of power that the person may be indulging in, as well.


Getting the boss on your side can lead to greater comfort and satisfaction on the job, and aid in receiving acknowledgement of your hard work, and even help put you in the spotlight for a promotion! 

Stop Gossip/Tapa Boca:

Often gossip and backbiting can cause real troubles in the workplace, or even in social circles, or online communities. Some folks just thrive on drama and love stirring the pot, or are incapable of communicating without resorting to manipulations, insults, or anger and accusations. This formula was designed to shut them right up, so that you can live your life unbothered by their flapping lips.

1 Day Burn - $50

3 Day Burn - $150

7 Day Burn - $325

Durga- Protection

Durga is a powerful Warrior Goddess, who is also a fierce and compassionate Mother Goddess. When the Universe was threatened by an immortal demon, all the gods banded together and combined their most potent divine skills and abilities - this energy gained its own life, and manifested as the fearless Durga. Slayer of even the most unstoppable demons, she is reknowned for her ability to protect those who are devoted to her.​ 

This service petitions her aid on behalf of the client through offerings and mantras.

Law Keep Away:

Marginalized communities face an inordinant amount of systemic discrimination & harassment - even when doing 100% legal work! This formula is intended to keep your secrets safe, keep prying eyes at bay, and provide energetic invisibility.

Not Today! 

This formula was created in response to the needs of social justice activists who must navigate a unique set of challenges and obstacles. Intended to aid in the setting and maintenance off stronger-than-average boundaries, to fortify the righteous fighting spirit, and deflect incoming negativity both circumstantial and targeted. A strong formula fit for warriors, both behind the scenes and on the front lines of the battle for equality.

Monthly Burn Packages

Want ongoing support for longer-term issues, or just like knowing you'll have spiritual back-up for whatever situations may arise each month? Save big on 3 or 7 Day Candle Services when you commit to a 6 or 12 month subscription! 


You may choose to have the service performed for the same petition each month, or you may submit a new petition with each monthly payment. As an additional perk, any other candle services you order while you have an active subscription will be offered at the same discounted rate as your package!

6 Month Subscription:
3 Day Burn

6 Month Subscription:
7 Day Burn

12 Month Subscription:
3 Day Burn

12 Month Subscription:
7 Day Burn

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