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Healing, Blessing, & Peace Candle Altar Services

Available Services


This formula brings a sense of calm, and promotes healing at all levels of being. It can be used to aid in healing from illness, injury, and mental/emotional issues. 

Peaceful Home:

Help cultivate an environment that is peaceful and filled with familial love and respect with this formula. Crafted with ingredients meant to promote calm, open communication, loving feelings, ready compromise, and overall harmony among household members.

1 Day Burn - $50

Divine Light Blessing:

This formula brings an overall sense of well-being, uplifts the spirit, and opens the way for Divine Light to surround and bless the person for whom it intended. A wonderful formula to use when you wish to send positive energy, intentions, prayers, etc to a person or situation.

St Dymphna for Mental/Emotional Wellness

St. Dymphna is the patron saint of mental health, nervous disorders, and survivors of familial sexual assault. Her energy is calming, stabilizing, and filled with the sweetest loving compassion. She can be petitioned for greater mental wellness, aid in processing emotional trauma, and finding new avenues of healing mental/emotional distress.

3 Day Burn - $150

7 Day Burn - $325

Blessed Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez for Effective Medical Treatment 

This Argentinian folk saint is renowned for performing medical miracles by helping petitioners find the best medical practitioners and treatments for their needs. A doctor dedicated to ensuring even the destitute had access to quality medical care in life, the Blessed Doctor Hernandez continues his compassionate mission from the spirit plane, opening the right doors to greater health and healing.

Monthly Burn Packages

Want ongoing support for longer-term issues, or just like knowing you'll have spiritual back-up for whatever situations may arise each month? Save big on 3 or 7 Day Candle Services when you commit to a 6 or 12 month subscription! 


You may choose to have the service performed for the same petition each month, or you may submit a new petition with each monthly payment. As an additional perk, any other candle services you order while you have an active subscription will be offered at the same discounted rate as your package!

6 Month Subscription:
3 Day Burn

6 Month Subscription:
7 Day Burn

12 Month Subscription:
3 Day Burn

12 Month Subscription:
7 Day Burn

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