Healing, Blessing, & Peace Candle Altar Services

Healing, Blessing, and Peace Candle Altar Services

These Candle Altar Services are all intended to help provide divine blessings, fresh healing energy, or peace of mind for the person or situation for which the ritual is performed. Each formula works in a slightly different way, so read carefully to see which one best suits your needs. 

A singular dressed altar candle will be prepared and loaded with the petitioner's concerns, and set working amidst traditional healing or blessing herbs. The exact oils used in each ritual will reflect the individual situation for each client. 

Clients who choose 3-Day or 7-Day services will utilize a fixed figural candle*, and have their candle set working amidst 3-6 dressed helper lights. How many helper lights are used, and what oils they are dressed in will vary depending on individual circumstances and needs.

Client also have the option to add a mojo onto their service! The wax remains of the ritual will be bundled into a mojo, and shipped to the client with complete instructions, for them to wear and work in an ongoing manner to support their petition.

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This formula brings a sense of calm, and promotes healing at all levels of being.

It can be used to aid in healing from illness, injury, and mental/emotional issues. 

Peaceful Home:

Help cultivate an environment that is peaceful and filled with familial love and respect with this formula. Crafted with ingredients meant to promote calm, open communication, loving feelings, ready compromise, and overall harmony among household members.

Divine Light Blessing:

This formula brings an overall sense of well-being, uplifts the spirit, and opens the way for Divine Light to surround and bless the person for whom it intended. A wonderful formula to use when you wish to send positive energy, intentions, prayers, etc to a person or situation.

Monthly Burn Packages

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