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It is a long-standing tradition for members of a community to seek the aid of the village witch or conjure wo/man when they need help resolving a difficult situation, or otherwise bring about a desired change in their circumstances. Whether it be for attracting a new lover, bringing in more money, cleansing themselves of negative energy or crossed conditions, ridding themselves of a nuisance tenant, or helping them land a better job, the magical practitioner will know what herbs to pick and what prayers to say to achieve that goal!

Folk magic is a very practical craft, making use of the resources which they have readily available to them. A practitioner of folk magic, will use the combined energies from candles, herbs, essential oils, and other natural items, along with the power of focused intent and often prayer, to create a ritual that resonates with a desired goal and helps to manifest that goal using the Law of Attraction. 

Conjure and witchcraft are types of folk-magic which work with natural energy to help draw favorable circumstances into one's life, and to help manifest goals and desires. Conjure, also commonly known as hoodoo or rootwork, is a form of folk magic that developed among the African American community of the United States, which primarily utilizes magical techniques from African traditions, but took on some Native American, and eventually European elements as the various marginalized populations mixed and shared knowledge, and especially as the practice become more commercialized in urban centers. In the West, witchcraft is most commonly applied to folk magic traditions stemming from European sources, and can also contain some aspects of ceremonial occultism. 

I've been practicing folk magic since 1997 and am pleased to be offering these services to others. I am blessed to have ample working altar space dedicated to manifesting various goals through spellwork. I offer my abilities in service to those in need, and practice within the ethical constructs of my particular spiritual path which restricts me from doing any crossing,  cursing, or aggressively coercive work.

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