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Working with Durga for Self-Esteem & Confidence

Durga slays the demons of Too Much and Too Little, which are at the core of much of our dissatisfaction and unhappiness. This working will help you petition her aid in fighting your own inner demons of Too Much and Too Little, and help you feel more content with yourself and your life!

You will need:

Durga picture - you can print one from the internet

Durga yantra - you can also print this out

Red jumbo candle


Incense (Durga incense, or sandalwood, or a sandal rose)

Prayer beads - 108 beads total

Red flannel square

Durga oil, &/or John the Conqueror Oil or Commanding Oil

Courage & Positivity Herbs:

Rose - healing, self-love

Yarrow - courage

Mint - banish negative thoughts

Bay - success, protection

Solomon Seal - wisdom


Tigers Eye - lends protection, and has Solar attributes of happiness, confidence, and success, and it is particular apt as Durga rides on a tiger!

Print or draw a Durga yantra. On the back write your petition and cover it with your name written 7 times on top. Dress paper with oils in 5-spot pattern.

Dress candle with oils and some of the herb mixture.

Hold candle up near your mouth so the breath of your prayers falls directly onto the wax - pray your petition strongly from the heart, and chant OM AIM HRIM KLIM until candle "feels full of energy".

Place petition paper in center of plate, place candle on top of the paper on the plate, and sprinkle the rest of the herbs in a clockwise direction around the candle. Place a dab of oil onto tigers eye, and place at foot of candle.

Daily Work:

Offer a tea light, a small glass of water, some incense, and a small piece of red fruit.

Acknowledge Ganesha and ask him to open the way for you to communicate with Durga - you can do this by chanting OM GAM Ganapataye namaha along with the mantra spoken at least 3 times just in offering and appreciation.

Speak your prayers from the heart, and pray your petition to Durga.

Light the dressed candle, and chant OM AIM HRIM KLIM Chamundayei vicce namaha 108 times. (If 108 is too much for you all at once, you can break it up into 2 or 4 sessions during the day.) When you are finished, snuff out the candle until the next day.

Do this daily until the candle is finished.

Take any remaining candle wax, petition paper and herbs, crystal and put into red flannel square. Chant the Durga mantra into the bag, as you concentrate on your petition, and ask her to continue to aid and guide you, and ask the spirits of the herbs and curios to work together with her for your petition. Tie it shut. Carry and care for this mojo as you would any other.

Continue to do the mini-puja and chant the Durga mantra daily until you have done so for 40 days total. (40 days is a very traditional number of days to work with a mantra for manifestation and transformation.) You may place the mojo on the Durga mantra each day while you work, so that it can be part of the work - feed it with a small dab of the Durga oil + the John the C or Commanding oil. You should find that over the course of the 40 days, your outlook has shifted into one where you are finding it easier to feel confident and more positive. It is traditional to assess how far you've come at this point, and if necessary you can repeat the work for another 40 days (you would obviously not need to remake the mojo, you could just work with another dressed candle, and continue to wear/work your mojo as normal). Give yourself a week's break, and then you can begin again if needed.

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