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Famous New Orleans' Van Van Oil - The All-Purpose Wonder

Van Van is one of the most popular hoodoo condition formulas out there. It has a long history of use in rootwork, but is especially associated with the New Orleans and Algiers areas of Louisiana where it first appeared. This nearly all-purpose formula effectively provides spiritual cleansing and jinx-breaking, road-opening to new fortune and opportunity, protection against negativity, attracts money and business prosperity, brings good luck, as well as draws love all in one! It's also often used to powerfully feed mojo bags, and used to empower amulets, talismans, or other magical tools to keep them working strongly for their owner. The oil can be used to dress candles, or can be worn as a personal power scent for any of the above uses. It can be added to cleaning solutions in order to cleanse and impart its empowering energies on the spiritual level as well as the physical. It can be added to nearly any magical working in order to enhance it's overall potency. There's nearly nothing that Van Van can't do! The unmistakable clean, crisp scent of Van Van comes from the variety of asian grasses which make up the formula. Lemongrass is the central ingredient, a plant which brings great magical flexibility to the table. Lemongrass is an excellent purifier of spiritual energies, which makes it great for general spiritual cleansing or jinx breaking and removal. It not only cleans up magical messes, but it also repels any incoming negativity, so it is useful in protection work and can be used daily to keep one's energies clean and clear throughout the day and during difficult interactions. Astrologically, lemongrass is linked to Mercury, so you will see quick results when working with the Van Van formula. It will also help increase effective communication, so any act should go more smoothly, as there is less chance of their being any confusion or misunderstanding surrounding the intended outcome. Having a Mercurial silver-tongue also invokes a strong drawing energy, which can be focused onto whatever goals or attributes one is seeking to bring into their lives. Being focused and articulate, along with keeping a clear mind and avoiding distractions while displaying energetic magnetism goes a long way to greatly empowering a person and bringing quick success in any endeavor! In the East, lemongrass is considered an aphrodisiac, and so Van Van can be used in love-drawing work as well. This is especially useful for men who wish to wear a love-drawing condition oil as a personal scent, but have difficulty finding a formula that is not based in feminine florals! Van Van's aroma is crisp and gender-neutral as far as fragrances go. The other asian grasses used to round out the Van Van formula share a lot of qualities in common with lemongrass, but bring a bit of energetic subtlety and depth. One of these plants is strongly connected to love work - yet has a much more rich, earthy quality of manifestation, rather than the more common "flowery" love and lust botanicals. This brings a bit of cthonic warmth to the base-end of the Van Van formula. This plant brings in an Earth-Venus energy into the mix, which encourages materialization of one's goals into the physical, while taking advantage of Venus' ability to draw any form of luxury...not just the of the amorous variety. This serves to amplify and add a bit of stability to the quicksilver attraction forces of Mercurial lemongrass. Another of the plants of Van Van plays on the financial harmonic of Van Van, augmenting its ability to draw in fortune specifically of the monetary kind. It's also airy and light in tone, and imparts a great sense of optimism and of being simply untouchable by misfortune. This helps clear away, and keep away, any energies that may negatively affect our mind-set and outlook. The sunny disposition that results, makes the one who employs Van Van much more attractive to friends, as well as potential customers or lovers! Van Van can pretty much do it all, which makes it an excellent choice for the frugal practitioner.

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