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Honey Jars for Love

Sweetening spells are among the most gentle of love spells, and also very effective at gaining favor with a specific individual. If you've read my other articles here, you know I feel that love should only need a little push - if it needs any more than that, then you're likely better off drawing a partner that will complement you, and who you will complement in turn. But giving a love spell the good ol' college try on that special someone you've had your eye on is certainly encouraged. Honey jars and other sugary container spells work by surrounding the target with an energy which encourages that person to think sweetly about you - gently bringing them around to favoring your attentions. Packing the honey jar with herbs which apply directly to the effect you are wishing to have on the target helps to further personalize and focus the spell's power. Loaded with a carefully crafted petition paper which contains personal concerns of both the smitten and their love-interest, these jars pack a real punch without being overly aggressive. Honey jars are the one of the spells that I'm happy to suggest to those who are looking for something to try on their intended sweetie. They are easy to make, and never cause things to go off the rails through unexpected results (which can certainly happen with love spells - I will be doing an article on this at a later date). As is suggested before undertaking any magical work, doing a divination to read the full situation and to determine if a honey-jar is an appropriate action to take that is likely to succeed. If you are unable to read for yourself, seek out a reputable worker to do a reading and consultation for you. You'll find lots of info out there that may suggest that honey jars are slow in working, and they can be if you are not working them often enough to bring about results more quickly. You will often find instructions for just working a honey jar 1 or 3 times per week, which is fine once you've already gotten a good deal of momentum with it. To really build up some movement you will want to work the bottle at least once daily until things start moving your way. And while burning candles daily is indicated when you are first starting the work, I like to work the bottle in some way 3 times daily to build some force - you may light a candle once daily, but take some time to hold that bottle and pray over 3 times a day! So without further ado, here are some instructions for making your own honey jar for love. MAKING a HONEY-JAR for LOVE What you'll need: * small jar of honey In the old days workers would sometimes match the type of sweetener to the skin color of the person being targeted. If the person was dark-skinned, they would choose molasses, a light skinned person would get clear Karo syrup, medium skin would get honey, etc. However any substance which is naturally sugary sweet can be used, and today there is much less emphasis on race, and honey seems to be the most common sweetener used. You can get it nearly anywhere, and it often comes already packaged in a small glass container perfect for use in a honey jar spell! If you'd prefer to use a different kind of sweetener (I've heard of some people simply disliking the taste of honey and so wishing to use something they felt more kindly towards), you are free to. I would just suggest that you stick to natural substances, and not use chemical sweeteners of any kind. Nobody needs or wants neurotoxins mixed up in their magic! If you can't find a small jar, or you'd rather just use some honey that you already have on hand, you can empty the appropriate amount of honey into a small jar that has a metal lid (you will be burning candles on top of this, so you need a lid that is heat-proof). Small canning jars and empty baby-food jars are perfect for this. * Queen of Pentacles' Love-Drawing Herb Blend, or herb blend of your own making * red 4" candles (if you are trying to inspire passion/lust), or pink 4" candles (if you are trying to evoke romance) You'll need 7 candles the first week, and 3 every week after that. Plan on working the jar at least 2-3 months. Make sure to get enough candles to keep you going for a little while. Honey jars are notoriously slow to work, due to their subtle nature - so just prepared to keep things going for a good few weeks before you really start seeing a change slowly taking shape. * an appropriate love condition oil such as Love Me, Come to Me, Dixie Love, etc * small square of parchment paper to write your petition * either a pen with red ink, or an eraser-less pencil * a hair from your target and a hair from yourself - if you absolutely cannot get a direct personal concern from your target you can use pictures * spoon * tool to inscribe candles To craft your honey jar spell, start by gathering all your supplies together on your work surface. If you need to transfer honey into the jar for the work, then do so prior to beginning. This work is best done on a Friday, which is associated with Venus. If you enjoy working by lunar timing and planetary hours, you can harness the waxing moon to help increase your target's passions, and work during the planetary hour of Venus on a Friday. 1) Take your parchment paper, a square of 3"x3" is ideal, and write the name of your target 7 times in block letters using either the red pen, or the eraser-less pencil. Turn the petition paper clockwise 90 degrees, and cross your own name tic-tac-toe style across the target's name 7 times in block letters. This puts you on their mind, influencing it. While you are doing all this, pray your intent, letting your emotional desires pour down through you and into the writing. 2) Now, condense your petition down into a short phrase, such as "LOVE ME" or "WANT ME", etc. Write this phrase cursive-style - i.e. in one continuous connected stream of writing - in a circle around the crossed names. Do not lift the pen at any time during this part! Make sure the last letter your write joins seamlessly to the first letter than you wrote down. Remember to pray your intent during this process. 3) You can decorate the corners of the petition paper with symbols of love, such as hearts, or anything else that means love, romance, passion, etc to you. 4) Now take a dab of your love condition oil, and anoint the petition paper with it in a 5-spot pattern (like the face of a dice that reads as 5). Continue to pray your intent, linking the power of the oil to your work. 5) Next take the target's hair. Using a small dab of honey as glue, stick the hair in the center of the petition paper. Then cross your own hair on top of your target's hair, making an X or +. Pray your intent as you do this. Imagine your two lives becoming intertwined romantically as you do. 6) Take your love herbs and pray over them - talk to the spirit of the various herbs letting them know what job you wish them to do for you. You can then place some of the herbs in the center of the petition paper. (You may wish to mix a few drops of your love condition oil into the herbs before doing this, to dress them.) 7) Now fold the petition paper towards you, praying that your love be brought to you. Turn it clockwise and fold it towards you again. Depending on how much of your herb blend you put in the petition paper, this may not fold very neatly, and that's ok; just take care not to tear you petition paper. 8) Open the honey jar and eat three nice spoonfuls of the honey (eat enough of the honey to make room for your petition paper packet to fit into the jar). 9) As you eat each spoonful, say something to the effect of "as this honey is sweet to me, may ______ grow sweet on me", and then place the petition paper packet well down into the honey. Close the jar tightly. 10) Do the following daily to get your honey jar heated up and working strongly for you: Take one of your 4" candles, and inscribe the name of your target on it, and your petition phrase ("LOVE ME", "WANT ME", etc) onto it. Dress it with your love condition oil while praying your intent. Melt a few drops of wax off the bottom of the candle, letting it drip on the lid of the honey jar. Stick the candle to the lid using the hot wax as the adhesive - it should stick firmly once the wax hardens. Light the candle, and allow it to burn itself out. 11) Once you have seen good positive movement towards your goal you can then work the jar on a maintenance schedule by burning candles on the jar 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Continue this until your goal is achieved. Honey jars can be worked even once a relationship is established, helping to foster continuous romantic feelings. I still have the honey jar that I made when I was first pursuing my now husband. On our anniversary, I burn a candle on it - the rest of the time it has a place of honor in our home. Or you may wish to conclude the initial honey-jar, and begin a new one that is more suited to a long-term relationship (use the same process, but different condition oils and herbs appropriate to your situational needs). If you wish to conclude a successful honey jar working, you may bury it in your yard with respect. If after a few months you have not achieved success, and you wish to stop working the honey jar and move on with your life, you may do so. Simply open the jar and remove the contents, allowing them to rinse off in running water, and the honey to wash away. Pray your thanks to the jar, and your intent to leave the work. Recycle the glass! If you are unsure about making your own honey-jar, or would like to have a professional worker prepare one especially for you, and perhaps even work it on your behalf, please feel free to contact us here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery! We can happily craft a custom Honey Jar for Love Drawing for your individual needs!

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