East-West Prosperity Conjure Bootcamp

Most of my clients are approaching me for matters related to money - and into today's economy, it's not hard to see why! I wanted a way to get more specific and detailed information about how to craft an effective and time/energy-efficient magical prosperity and abundance practice out there to more of my readers.


To that end, I have put together a wonderful course that syncretizes the magical wisdom of the Eastern Hindu traditions, with that of Western conjure. My two specialties!

The East-West Prosperity Conjure Bootcamp is designed to release one lesson every other week. This will allow students plenty of time to read through the materials, process the information, and put the various instructions and rituals into action. It will also give me to hear what you have to say about the lesson, address any questions you may have, and provide feedback to ensure you are comprehending the material as much as possible.

Each week will provide you with approximately 8-12 pages worth of information, pictures, video links to relevant information, conjure tips, and folk magic tricks from both the southern US conjure tradition, and the Indian Hindu folk traditions!

Just some of the material covered in this Bootcamp will include:

* preparing a living/working space with Vaastu Shastra properties (Indian feng shui) to better receive prosperity

* the best layours for a money-drawing altar  according to Vaastu Shastra

* how and why Sanskrit mantras are such a powerful tool for magical manifestation 

* how to perform a simple puja for Indian divinities

* developing working relationships with Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Lord Kubera for growing your wealth

* how to protect yourself from energies that might sap your resources and income flow 

* cultivating an easy to maintain daily prosperity practice to keep the energy flowing

* video Q&A with me addressing your questions and concerns about previous weeks material

....as well as plenty of recipes for prosperity ritual items, and workings that combine the wisdom and methodologies of East and West

East-West Prosperity Conjure Bootcamp


This course is always available - lessons will begin being emailed to you once payment is received.

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