Conjure Packets & Amparos

Hoodoo Success Conjure Packet
Hoodoo Success Conjure Packet

A custom Crown of Success conjure packet.

Hoodoo St.Michael Protection Amparo
Hoodoo St.Michael Protection Amparo

An amparo crafted for a client's protection, invoking the aid of St. Michael the Archangel.

Hoodoo Road Opening Packet
Hoodoo Road Opening Packet

A custom packet designed to open roads for all types of good fortune.

Hoodoo Amparo Empowerment
Hoodoo Amparo Empowerment

A custom amparo being empowered before shipping to the client.

Custom Conjure Packets


Queen of Pentacles' Conjure Packets can help enhance your own magical work, provide a power point for altar work, or carried with you to help manifest your desires.

Our conjure packets utilize various planetary or spirit seals, with authentic herbs, roots, and curios all aimed at manifesting a specific intent. These packets are crafted with personal concerns to focus their effects directly onto the target, may utilize rarer roots and curios, and can be crafted for nearly any beneficent intent. 

Choose from a bulkier packet style, or a flat "on the down-low" packet, to ensure that the packet can be used in the way you desire! Just indicate what you plan on using your packet for, and we will customize the size and shape to suit your needs.

Bulkier packets can easily fit into mojo bags, bottle spells, can be placed on an altar as a power piece or offering, or used in other such works. Whereas flat packets may be placed underneath candles, kept in a wallet, or inconspicuously taped underneath desks or chairs (perfect for sneaky tricks)!

Divination is used to determine which seal and ingredients are most appropriate to your needs.

St. Michael the Archangel Protection Amparo


Crafted specifically for you by an experienced worker, this authentic amulet can be used whenever you have need of some spiritual or physical protection. 

Using traditional methods taken from Latin American folk magic, this protective amparo utilizes invocations, holy cards, and seven different herbs associated with the warrior and powerful guardian St. Michael the Archangel. 

Some of the 7 herbs included in the amparo are:
White Mustard Seed

Our amparos are crafted with laminated holy cards for durability and longevity. You will be able to use your amparo for years to come.

Your amparo will be empowered and worked with a candle dressed in your name before being sent to you with complete instructions for use.

* You will be required to provide a picture and a lock of your hair for this amparo to be fixed for you. *

The fixing of this amparo will in and of itself provide a measure of protection. However, burning candles dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection oil  or St. Michael on top of this will bring a great deal of heat and power to the work, and that is how amparos are traditionally worked - by lighting a candle on top when in need.

Once your amparo has been created, and worked on our altar with your dressed candle, the amparo will be shipped with complete instructions for use. 

Please note that the image on the St. Michael holy card may be different than the one pictured above.

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