Custom Mojo Bags

Authentic Hoodoo Mojo Hand
Authentic Hoodoo Mojo Hand

Supplies laid out for a mojo hand crafting and empowerment.

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Wealthy Way Mojo
Wealthy Way Mojo

A custom mojo for increased wealth and abundance.

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Mojo Contents
Mojo Contents

Some of the items for a custom mojo - a conjure packet crafted with a sigil and packed with high quality curios, with a whiskey-fed High John root.

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Luck Mojo
Luck Mojo

A custom mojo crafted for increased luck and good fortune.

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Special Edition Money Mojo


I've come into some really special road opening curios - golden key filings - and it's just screaming to be put into a money hand for my clients! 

This will get utilized along with a piece of lightning struck wood that packs a real PUNCH that was generously gifted to me by another practitioner. 

Each bag will be prepared with a personalized petition utilizing a living money $igil !

These 3 DELUXE core items will be loaded, along with other supporting herbs and curios, into each mojo, and awakened just for you!

Custom Triple-Strength Mojo Bag


Crafted just for your needs from 9-13 different traditional herbs & curios -including more expensive or rare items. 

Mojo bags are traditional folk charms that can be carried on your person in a pocket, bra, purse, briefcase, or anywhere else... bringing the magic with you everywhere you go! 

This listing is for a custom mojo bag crafted in the old school style of conjure and fixed specifically for your personal needs using traditional techniques. 

Our Triple Strength mojos contain at least 9 and up to 13 ingredients, including more rare or costly roots than standard mojo bags.  This Triple Strength mojo bag is crafted in your name and using your personal concerns from the get-go.

The service includes a custom vial of condition oil for you to use with your mojo. 

Just some of the types of mojo that I can create for you using traditional herbs and recipes include:

Psychic Enhancement
...and more, just ask!

To determine the exact ingredients for your mojo bag, a detailed background of your situation will be requested, and divination will be performed.

After the proper ingredients are determined for your mojo, the hand will be crafted using historically authentic crafting methods and techniques.

Mojos will vary in appearance as each is crafted to order for your individual specifications.

The buyer will also be provided with complete instructions for carrying and maintaining the mojo, and the vial of custom blended condition oil for use with it. 


- each mojo is handcrafted individually to your custom specifications
- each mojo contains a personal concern from the person for whom it is being created
- no stock mojo hand kits are used
- no prepared-in-bulk generic mojo hands are used


You will be required to provide a personal concern that will be used to fix the work strongly for you.
The best concern would be hair, or fingernails. If you are uncomfortable supplying a bodily concern, a picture can suffice. However, I do prefer to include an actual bodily concern into the mojo.

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