Conjure & Folk Magic Products

Can't seem to find a ready made spell-kit that suits your specific situation?

Tired of all the DIY kits that leave you wondering if you've done the work right? 

Want an authentic mojo or other magical item crafted properly by an experienced practitioner just for YOUR needs?


Queen of Pentacles Conjure will happily do just that!

Herbs, roots, and curios will be chosen that speak to the individual aspects of your personal case, and that do not rely on pre-made mixes. The items or kits are then ritually prepared and fixed for the client using traditional crafting methods, and shipped to their new owner.

These services may or may not require a full consultation depending on the situation, so please inquire if you are unsure.

Some of the Custom Conjure crafting that I perform for my clients includes

(please click for more details on each, or contact us directly to inquire):

* fixing MOJO BAGS for their specific needs

* preparing a BOTTLE SPELLS for a situational need


* crafting MIRROR BOXES for protection

* creating complete custom ALTAR WORK PACKAGES for them to employ


* preparing custom FIXED CANDLES for their individual needs

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