Conjure Packets

Hoodoo Crown of Success Packet
Hoodoo Crown of Success Packet

A custom Crown of Success conjure packet.

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Hoodoo Money Drawing Packet
Hoodoo Money Drawing Packet

Some items being worked into a Money Drawing packet: dressed $2 bill, cinnamon, 5 finger grass, and more.

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Hoodoo Road Opening Packet
Hoodoo Road Opening Packet

A custom Road Opening packet.

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Inside a Success Packet
Inside a Success Packet

Some items being worked into a Success packet: gilded High John root, bay leaf w. scripture, 5 finger grass, & Solomonic pentacle

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Custom Conjure Packets


Queen of Pentacles' Conjure Packets can help enhance your own magical work, provide a power point for altar work, or carried with you to help manifest your desires.

Our conjure packets utilize various planetary or spirit seals, with authentic herbs, roots, and curios all aimed at manifesting a specific intent. These packets are crafted with personal concerns to focus their effects directly onto the target, may utilize rarer roots and curios, and can be crafted for nearly any beneficent intent. 

Choose from a bulkier packet style, or a flat "on the down-low" packet, to ensure that the packet can be used in the way you desire! Just indicate what you plan on using your packet for, and we will customize the size and shape to suit your needs.

Bulkier packets can easily fit into mojo bags, bottle spells, can be placed on an altar as a power piece or offering, or used in other such works. Whereas flat packets may be placed underneath candles, kept in a wallet, or inconspicuously taped underneath desks or chairs (perfect for sneaky tricks)!

Crafted for some of the most commonly requested conditions:
Love & Romance Drawing
Lust & Sexuality
Money Drawing
Road Opening
...and more

Divination is used to determine which seal and ingredients are most appropriate to your needs.

** You will be required to send personal concerns for the crafting of these packets. Personal concerns include things such as hair, fingernails, etc. **


I've always loved paper packet work. It's something that came quite intuitively to me when I was first dipping my toes into the folk magic arts, and it felt good to have that practice validated as I encountered other practitioners that made good use of this style of work over the years. I incorporate some form of conjure packet into the vast majority of the commissioned custom work that I am called upon to perform. 

Because I come from a background that includes ceremonial magic practices, I have a soft-spot for all manner of magical seals - from angelic or spirit seals, to planetary seals, to Solomonic pentacles. These grimoire seals worked their way into the African American conjure mainstream in the 1940's when books such as The 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses were published by popular authors such as Henri Gamache and made widely available in candle shops around North America. I like to use a seal that resonates with the intent of the work that I am doing as the foundation and wrapping for the packets that I create.
I start by empowering the seal - I have several different ways that I accomplish this depending on the nature of the work I am doing. In the case of particularly complicated seals, I will print them out on parchment paper and then trace over the printed lines using an appropriate magical ink or condition oil, while saying prayers and invocations that awaken and stir the forces that the seal brings to the work. In the case of less complex seals, I will often draw them freehand, while performing appropriate invocations. I make sure my breath - with all the energy and vibration carried on it - falls upon the seal the entire time that I am awakening it.

In some cases I will then write my petition onto the back of the seal, though sometimes I include the petition in some other way (but always at least through prayer). Next will come each herb and curio, along with the personal concern of the person it is being crafted for. Each item is added individually with the intended effect of each item being explicitly proclaimed and drawn into the work.  Once all the items have been added, I will often breathe tobacco smoke over all the ingredients while once again praying for the petition.
Next I will fold the herbs into the seal, which creates the packet. The way in which the packet is going to be utilized determines whether or not folding the packet alone is sufficient. In the case of many honey jar works, one can simply tuck the folded packet down into the honey and seal the jar. However, if the packet is meant to be deployed in a different manner, or the intent of the work calls for it, the packet may be tied together with thread, twine, or even strips of cotton flannel. Personally, I find that if the work is going to be functioning in a more fluid and flexible manner, I will leave the packet untied. However, if I want it to have a more fixed and permanent effect, I will tie the packet to really bind the spiritual effects strongly in place.

The exact size and shape of a packet can vary greatly as well. Bigger is not necessarily better. For instance, I often deploy very small flat packets. Because I will be sticking the small packet onto somewhere with a piece of duct tape, I want the packet to be as flat and inconspicuous as possible. Flat packets are fantastic for sneaky tricks where you may want to place a packet near a target without their knowing - taping it up underside their side of the bed, or under the driver's seat of their car, or under their desk at work, etc. Using powdered herbs and very small root chips is key in crafting these kinds of conjure packets since any form of bulk renders them less useful.

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