Online Conjure Classes

Learning to work magic for yourself and your loved ones is one of the most empowering things that you can do for oneself, as it provides a spiritual way to bend situations to your favor, making your mundane efforts all the more likely to succeed!

D Spring has been studying and practicing folk-magic since 1997, and is pleased to offer some of the skills she's learned in her decades of experience with those who wish to learn more. Her unique style of working very often blends Eastern Indian folk religion and magic, with the conjure traditions of the Southern US, so students will be presented with information that may not be easily accessible elsewhere! 

The lessons for each online class are sent to students via email one to two weeks apart, to provide students plenty of time to read, process, and put into practice the information contained each week. Each lesson includes well-researched articles packed with pictures and historical/cultural context, detailed instructions for spells and altar set-ups, links to supporting material and videos, and clearly outlined homework. Students are encouraged to send in any questions, so that they can be provided with clarification and guidance to ensure that the material is fully comprehended. D will often respond to questions via a video post to the following lesson, so that students can benefit from hearing the questions and answers that others have had. 

East-West Prosperity Conjure Bootcamp


Most Queen of Pentacles clients are approaching for matters related to money - and into today's economy, it's not hard to see why! This wonderful 5-lesson course, given over 10 weeks, syncretizes the magical wisdom of the Eastern Hindu traditions, with that of Western conjure. 

Each week will provide you with approximately 8-12 pages worth of information, pictures, video links to relevant information,  to help you learn how to develop a working relationship with Ganesha, Laskhmi, and Lord Kubera , as well as conjure tips and folk magic tricks for financial success and abundance.

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