Success, Personal Power, & Confidence

Candle Altar Services

Success, Personal Power, & Confidence Candle Services

These Candle Altar Services are all intended to help empower the person for whom the ritual is performed to help increase their success, lead them to victory of all kinds, and/or increase their self-confidence and overall effectiveness. Each formula works in a slightly different way, so read carefully to see which one best suits your needs. 

A singular dressed altar candle will be prepared and loaded with the petitioner's concerns, and set working amidst traditional money-drawing herbs. The exact oils used in each ritual will reflect the individual situation for each client. 

Clients who choose 3-Day or 7-Day services will utilize a fixed figural candle*, and have their candle set working amidst 3-6 dressed helper lights. How many helper lights are used, and what oils they are dressed in will vary depending on individual circumstances and needs.

Client also have the option to add a mojo onto their service! The wax remains of the ritual will be bundled into a mojo, and shipped to the client with complete instructions, for them to wear and work in an ongoing manner to support their petition.

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Crown of Success:

The classic success formula, Crown of Success will help you perform effectively in whatever you are putting your efforts to - be that business endeavors, creative projects, academic pursuits, or even making an impactful first impression.

John the Conqueror:
This formula brings the impressive spiritual force of the John the Conqueror Root to your aid, helping clear away any obstacles to your victory and success, while imparting a strong presence to you to help command respect, and providing you with good luck in all areas of life. Traditionally associated with men's empowerment, the energy of the spirit of this root can be used by men and women alike to strongly augment their personal power.


John the Conqueror is a good choice if you've tried some forms of success work already, and did not experience the full results that you were hoping for. 

Commanding Master:

This formula is crafted to help others perceive you as in command, and respect for your authority and know-how. It can also help you masterfully handle difficult or challenging situations or people, and can help you perform at the top of your game for important tasks. This can also help boost your confidence regarding your overall effectiveness and skill.

Boss Fix:

This formula is crafted to get a manager, superior, administrator, or other authority figure that you work under or report to to favor you. This version of the formula includes ingredients to help stop any abuse of power that the person may be indulging in, as well.


Getting the boss on your side can lead to greater comfort and satisfaction on the job, and aid in receiving acknowledgement of your hard work, and even help put you in the spotlight for a promotion! 

Durga Inner Demon Slaying Candle:

Durga is a Hindu Warrior Goddess who is most known for being the slayer of 2 very powerful demons named Too Much, and Too Little. These demons plague most of us at some time or another, but for some the feelings of inadequacy or inferiority can cause deeper mental/emotional imbalances that can lead to self-sabotage, destructive behavior or thought patterns, or other harmful things.

This candle altar service petitions Durga to come slay whatever Inner Demons are holding you back! The results of her intercession can include greater self-love, increased self-confidence, higher self-esteem, healthier lifestyle choices, and better life performance.

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