Road Opener & Block Buster Candle Altar Services

Road Opening & Block Buster Altar Services

These Candle Altar Services are all intended to help clear away negative or stagnant energy that may be holding back the person for whom the ritual is performed to help open their spiritual roads, and break through any obstacles, so that their goals can begin to manifest freely. Each formula works in a slightly different way, so read carefully to see which one best suits your needs. 

A singular dressed altar candle will be prepared and loaded with the petitioner's concerns, and set working amidst traditional road opening or block-busting herbs. The exact oils used in each ritual will reflect the individual situation for each client. 

Clients who choose 3-Day or 7-Day services will utilize a fixed figural candle*, and have their candle set working amidst 3-6 dressed helper lights. How many helper lights are used, and what oils they are dressed in will vary depending on individual circumstances and needs.

Client also have the option to add a mojo onto their service! The wax remains of the ritual will be bundled into a mojo, and shipped to the client with complete instructions, for them to wear and work in an ongoing manner to support their petition. 

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Van Van:

The famous Van Van formula works on several levels to turn one's luck around and invite greater fortune. The herbal ingredients work to clean away any negative energy holding you back, opening up your roads for increased luck and fortune, while drawing in love and money, and lending a measure of personal empowerment and protection. Van Van is often used as a part of a regular spiritual cleansing and maintenance routine, in order to ensure that life flows smoothly, and magical work manifests as quickly as possible.

Ideal for using at the start of a new spiritual working, or personal venture to help clear the way for success. Can be used at any time a boost in good luck is wished, or after experiencing some negativity that you wish to flip into good fortune.

Road Opener:

This formula helps remove spiritual debris that may be blocking your path, making it easier for desired energies to manifest in your life.  If you are finding that your magical workings are not getting the results you feel they should, Road Opener can be a good way to clear the way for better fortune.

Block Buster:

Sometimes what is in our way is more substantial than than mere debris, and requires a more serious spiritual demolition to blast through and allow new opportunities to come to us. If previous Van Van and/or Road Opener workings have proved ineffective or incomplete, it may be time for Block Buster! Block Buster will bring spiritual dynamite to the scene, and explosively impact whatever is causing the obstacles and delays.


Be warned that often the effects of Block Buster go beyond what you may expect, so when using it you may find people or circumstances that you did not realize were contributing to your problems suddenly exiting your life in dramatic fashion. 

Ganesha Obstacle Remover:

The elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesha, is known as The Remover of Obstacles. He is petitioned before the start of any new endeavor in order to open the road, and provide the best possible chances for success. 

This candle service petitions Ganesha to personally intercede on the client's behalf, to help open blocked pathways, and allow opportunities and good fortune to flow to them.

Monthly Burn Packages

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