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Mercury Retrograde Candle Altar Services

During a retrograde, everything that Mercury rules will be on shaky ground for about 3.5 weeks - not including the before and after shadow periods. If your personal astrological chart is particularly heavily influenced by Mercury, you'll likely experience the effects more profoundly than others. But that doesn't mean that all hope is lost!

Mercury Retrograde, if approached correctly, can actually be an extremely productive and positive time. It is a fantastic time for reviewing, revisiting, and re-examining things that fall under Mercury's purview:

  • Organization and Decluttering efforts are enhanced during this time

  • Personal introspection is particularly insightful, so breakthroughs may come through meditation, journalling, counselling, etc

  • If there are problems within a particular relationship, the Retrograde period can be a good time to examine what exactly is the root cause, and make plans for how to do better going forward

  • Any efforts to end habits that you would wish to break will be supercharged

  • If you are behind on any correspondances or projects, it will be easier to catch up and get back up to speed

  • Check up on the maintenance of electronics and transportation, and finally do the things that need doing to keep everything running well

Our Mercury Retrograde Candle Altar Services are designed to give you the best possible chance to catch the productive tides of Mercury Retrograde and make them work for you, while minimizing the negative impacts.

1-Day Mercury Retrograde Kick-Off Service


For the Kick-Off Service, a 4" altar candle will be dressed in the famously effective Mercury Retrograde Oil by Coastside Conjure and carved with your name. Traditional Sanskrit mantras to appease the planet - named Budha in the Vedic astrological system -  as well as mantras for Ganesha to ask for impediments to be removed, will be chanted during the service, and the merit for the recitations offered up in your name, for your benefit.


Pictures of your candle burn will be provided at the conclusion, along with a oracle card draw on your behalf with a brief interpretation of its meaning for you.

3-Wednesday Mercury Retrograde Candle Run


Wednesday is the day associated with Mercury, so it's the perfect day to perform candle spells to smooth a pathway through a rocky Retrograde.

The 3 Wednesday Retrograde Run is essentially include the same service as described above, but will happen over 3 consecutive Wednesdays over the course of the Retrograde period.


The oracle card pull and pictures will be delivered at the conclusion of the 3 weeks, being emailed to you within 5 business days of the service end.

Retrograde Combo: Kick-Off + Run Candle Service


Some people like to make sure that they are covered throughout the entire Retrograde period, and choose to participate in both the Kick-Off Service and the 3 Wednesday Retrograde Run. 

This combination service provides a bit of a discount for those who wish to have both services performed for them.

The oracle card pull and pictures will all be delivered at the conclusion of the 3 weeks, being emailed to you within 5 business days of the services end.

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1-Day Kick Off Service
3-Wednesday Run Service
Retrograde Combo
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