Santisima Muerte Candle Altar Services

Santisima Muerte Candle Altar Services

These Candle Altar Services are all intended to petition the aid of Santisima Muerte on behalf the person or situation for which the ritual is performed.


Each colored robe of Santisima Muerte invokes her help in a slightly different way, so read carefully to see which one best suits your needs. I honor the Three Robes as well as the Siete Potencias (7 Powers or Rainbow).


Please keep in mind that I will only perform candle services to her on behalf of clients if a divination shows that she is willing to hear the petition, and only for petitions that I have already stated I am willing to work for. If upon booking for one of these services the divination shows she is unwilling to hear the petition on my altar, or upon receiving the petition I deem it to not be a case I would normally work for, your fees will be refunded to you via PayPal with a brief explanation.

A singular dressed altar candle will be prepared and loaded with the petitioner's concerns, and set working amidst traditional herbs appropriate for your needs. The exact oils used in each ritual will reflect the individual situation for each client. 

Clients who choose 3-Day or 7-Day services will utilize a fixed figural candle*, and have their candle set working amidst 3-6 dressed helper lights. How many helper lights are used, and what oils they are dressed in will vary depending on individual circumstances and needs.

Client also have the option to add a mojo onto their service! The wax remains of the ritual will be bundled into a mojo, and shipped to the client with complete instructions, for them to wear and work in an ongoing manner to support their petition.

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La Blanca (White):The White Lady can be petitioned for any cause. She is often petitioned for peace, healing, blessings, and other similar pursuits and situations. This is the most peaceful, and spiritually "cool" aspect of Santisima Muerte.

La Roja (Red):

The Red Lady is petitioned for more passionate, fiery, and energetic needs. She deals with all matters of the heart including love, lust, sex, sensuality, loving or passionate emotions, fidelity, and more. 

La Negra (Black):

The Black Lady is petitioned for causes that may carry a bit more risk, or when the petitioner wants to be rid of something. She can be petitioned for protection, removing obstacles, reversal of harm, and uncrossing.

La Niña Azul (Blue):The Blue Lady is petitioned for matters related to communication, learning, and wisdom, and also for family peace and well being. She can be petitioned to help one be understood more completely, to deepen one's insight and understanding, as well as for success in academic pursuits, improved memory, and similar causes. 

La Niña Dorada (Gold) :

The Gold Lady takes care of all manner of success, blessings, prosperity, and abundance needs. She can be petitioned for increased luck, good fortune, increased financial flow, money drawing, personal success and empowerment, confidence and courage, happiness and lessened anxiety, increased efficiency and skill, and all similar matters.

La Niña Morado/Purpura (Purple):

The Purple Lady is petitioned for all manner of health and healing needs - mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. She can also be approached for increased psychicism and intuitive development.

La Niña Verde (Green):

The Green Lady governs the areas of life related to justice and the law. She can be petitioned for immigration purposes, court cases, fair outcome of disputes, smoother navigation of bureaucracy, and for generally gaining favor when requesting something from someone. This aspect is sometimes petitioned for money and finances when it intersects with the other elements this colored aspect rules.

La Santa Muerte de las Siete Potencias (7 Powers / Rainbow):

The 7 Powers/Rainbow aspect of Santa Muerte can be petitioned if someone has multiple needs, and wishes to bring them all before her at once. 

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