Money-Drawing Oil by Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop

Money-Drawing & Prosperity Oil


In today's economy we could all use a bit of spiritual help with our finances. Start drawing in cash and opportunity with our Money Drawing Oil!

This deliciously spicy and minty hoodoo condition oil has been handcrafted using pure essential oils and organic herbs, roots and authentic curios to be a true money-magnet for your home and business. It even looks glitzy with glamour, with sparkling gold pyrite and REAL shredded money steeping in the bottle!

As with all our oils, they are prayed over during each step of preparation to ensure that the spirits of the plants are alive and ready to empower your magical work with their energies!

This listing is for a 1/2oz bottle of Money-Drawing Oil.

Dressing oils such as our Money-Drawing Oil are extremely versatile and can be used in a large variety of ways.

* dress candles for attracting money and prosperity
* add to bath salts for a spiritual money-drawing bath before any outings or meeting that could result in incoming cash
* add to an herb blend to increase potency
* use to feed and dress money-drawing mojo bags, amulets, and talismans
* wear as a personal power scent to make sure you're primed to attract money in every situation you find yourself in
* add a few drops to your mopbucket to spiritually charge your home for money-drawing
* place a few drops on an unscented incense stick or diffuse in an oil burner to create Money-Drawing incense for fumigation or ritual

**If you are experiencing financial difficulties it is ALWAYS best to spiritually cleanse your home and person BEFORE undertaking any drawing work. This ensures that any crossed conditions or negativity that may be surrounding you and blocking your prosperity is cleared away, so that the money-drawing can work cleanly and efficiently for you!

If you feel that you need extra help in figuring out a game-plan to address your financial woes, consider booking a magical consultation with us.


No supernatural claims are made about any of the items or services sold through this site. All products and services are offered as curios only, and are sold for entertainment purposes.

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